What Defines the Customer Experience

What Defines the Customer Experience?


You may think the value of your product defines your customer’s experience or maybe it’s the speed of your service. But what does the customer view as the defining aspect of your customer experience? This is actually the most important and potentially difficult viewpoint to understand. It is the most important because your customers will make a decision to return to your business or not based on how they define your customer experience, and the most difficult because sometimes not even the customers can give you a straight answer on how they experienced your business. I detailed how customers are more influenced by emotions than thoughts previously and this can skew their answers.

The most simple way to understand the true customer experience is to know that it is defined by what your customers are focused on. What they focus on is what they will remember. And they will remember the feeling of this experience, not so much the circumstances. Are there long wait times in your business? Redirect your customer’s focus on something else during this time that is more positive. That could be redirected to the incredible amount of precision given to a product during manufacturing or the level of care given to a car while undergoing maintenance. Tools to redirect attention could be YouTube videos, live cameras, or model displays. You can get creative here and really wow your customers at how much you are caring for them.

Many customers are rating businesses online with reviews so you definitely want to provide some wow. Don’t leave an opportunity hanging for customers to make up their own minds about your experience. Craft it so customers have no choice but to have a good experience. They will spread the word about how good you were to them. Even if they don’t post a review, they are sure to tell their friends, spouse or family. They will definitely return and you will receive repeat business from loyal and satisfied customers.


The customer experience is defined by what their attention is on.

Look for these potential experience defining topics and redirect the customer’s attention to something positive:

  • Long Wait Times – Give your customer something to do or show the work in process
  • High Prices – Explain how your product is special or exclusive
  • Unavailable or Out of Stock Product – Offer a way for customers to “get in line” and receive product updates
  • Uncomfortable Seating – Change seating and/or remove the part of your process where customers sit
  • Monotonous Music Playing – Play something better or nothing at all