What Customers Want to Avoid

What Customers Want to Avoid


People say they want the best product, but what they really want is for a product to help them avoid a negative. This negative could be a lawn with weeds, a fashion faux pas or a beat up looking car. Whatever the negative is, avoiding or eliminating it is more of a priority than adding value.


If we as business owners believe our products solve customer problems, then they also avoid negatives. We need to let customers know this. Advertisements should include what customers are getting out of your product, but should also advertise what will be avoided by purchasing.


Maybe that great lawn will never come to fruition without your signature care. Let your customers know without purchasing, they will miss out on their dream lawn. When you describe the loss your customers will experience without your product, it will make them more likely to buy.


This can be quickly done to most any product. Just make sure the loss you highlight touches on something emotional that your target customers are seeking to avoid. Your customers want to avoid this difficulty and you are providing that assurance. Let them know you can do it and you know why it’s so important for them. This will go a long way to building relationships with customers instead of chasing dollars.