The Uniform

The Uniform


As I sat looking out the window allowing my mind to wander I noticed a moving truck come to a stop on the street. I paid little attention to it until I saw the employee. When he was walking toward the house to begin his job I couldn’t help but see something amiss. He wore no uniform, but instead old shorts and a t-shirt with large holes cutting off the sleeves and sides. He was also sweating profusely.

The Dark Side of Moving

Two things entered my mind. The first, I wouldn’t be happy with that much glistening man skin touching my furniture. The second, his attire made him look like anyone off the street who wanted to move some furniture for a couple of bucks. Not exactly inspiring that the furniture would be protected during transportation.

The lack of uniform conveyed a lack of professionalism. That leads a customer to wonder if they will be getting what they paid for. In fact it could be much worse. The fellow walking into the home could be about to drive away with a bunch of new stuff or hold it for ransom. A bit extreme as an example, but it does happen.

Return to the Light

If this individual wore a clean uniform, I would have had a completely different view. I would have thought about how this man is here to do a job and is going to do things right. He prides himself in representing his company which means he must like working there. Always a good sign.

This was on a particularly hot summer day so I empathize with the moving man*. However, this is where the company needs to be looking out for its associates. Cool clothing that is made for activity during warm months should be provided. How great of an impression would that make? Customized clothing that helps to take care of associates who are active most of the day says a lot. Customers would notice and realize that a lot of thought and care went into the clothing. And if that much went into the uniform, how much is going into the care of the actual moving process? That would give customers a lot of confidence.

All this from a uniform. Most of it wouldn’t be consciously thought, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that well designed and clean uniforms convey care, professionalism and confidence.


*In college I worked a summer job out of doors erecting tents and swinging a 20 pound sledgehammer (story for a different time).