Spend Money to Make Money


We’ve all heard it said that you have to spend money to make money, but when it comes to marketing how much do you spend? Do you spend until you get the desired results? That could lead to overspending and you still may not get to your goal of return on investment. Testing various advertising methods can help, but there is one thing that will increase the effectiveness of marketing more than anything else.

Aligning your marketing with your brand  will ensure advertisements are working effectively. Your brand is designed to serve a unique set of customers, so by aligning your marketing with your brand, you have preset language to work from and you know who you are talking to. Imagine walking up to a stranger and stating you could solve his problems. The stranger would probably give you a funny look then walk away. You have no idea who this person is let alone what his problems are. This is how marketing without a brand is practiced.

Now imagine if a close friend comes over for a visit. You know this person’s life history along with her dreams, fears and current problems. Now if you tell your friend, you have a way to get her to her dreams while avoiding the fears, you’ve got her attention. This is how your brand works. Through your brand, you know your customers intimately and can design advertisements to speak directly to them, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

Create a Cycle

If you have aligned your brand and marketing, you’ll see more customers. Those customers now have an expectation of solving a problem, realizing a dream or avoiding a fear by visiting you. High expectations, I know. This is where you need to make sure your experience and products match the advertisement. Nobody wants to have an expectation set by marketing, which is shattered upon interacting with the business. Customers would be more upset with you because their expectations were so high. However, if you have carefully designed your brand to guide marketing, customer experiences and products, they will all work together and create a magical system. Customers will rave and come back for more.

This will also make your marketing dollars go further. Word of mouth advertising takes hold when you have raving customers. This creates a cycle of new customers using your products and services then raving about you to bring in more new customers. The cycle repeats, fueling your growth.

You must advertise, but you can minimize it and focus on the highest yield when it’s aligned with the brand. No more wasting time and money guessing at what to say and who to say it to. Your brand is the guide to your success much as it is the guide for your customers’ success.