People Don't Buy What Makes Sense

People Don’t Buy What Makes Sense


People don’t buy things that make the most sense. They buy things that make them feel good. Case in point, luxury vehicles. What do vehicles, outside of commercial use, provide? They get you to work, the grocery store and your vacation spot, among other things. All of this can be handled by a base line of vehicle. So why buy a luxury car? Well they look really cool, are super comfortable, come with fancy speakers, go really fast and above all make you feel something. What do they make you feel? Excitement, pride and status are a few options.

Purchases are highly emotional whether we are aware of it or not. Would you go back to a store with the best products if they treated you badly? Would you put up with a restaurant charging your credit card wrong every time even if they had the best food? I think not; you would find someplace else that provided a better experience because of the positive feelings. These feelings don’t even have to be expressed in words for you to want to repeat that positive experience. Many coffee lovers have been won over by Starbucks. Now it’s not the best or even average coffee, but millions of people visit the stores every year for their caffeine fix. I contend that it’s more than the caffeine. It’s the atmosphere and how the store makes you feel. It’s cozy and trendy inside and you instantly feel the sense of community. How do you describe community when you may never speak to anyone in the shop except for the barista? It’s hard to articulate without stating the strong feelings evoked. Starbucks has done a magnificent job of providing an experience that keeps customers coming back.

Now if you want to provide customers with the same positive feelings, you must put yourself in their shoes and experience what they are. Find out if there were any headaches along the way and eliminate those. Conversely, are there any points in the experience where you could add something unexpected to provide more of that positive experience? If you’re struggling with this, interview your customers and ask them how they felt throughout the process of using your services. They will remember how they feel more than they will remember the details of the situation. It’s up to you to design the experience your customers will feel positive about.