Meaning from a Lack of Sense

Meaning from a Lack of Sense


What if you received a package at your front door? What if when you opened it, it contained a wooden box? When you opened this wooden box, it contained a sample product and a nice magazine¬† that showed how to use the sample product and what you could do with additional products from this company. What would you think? You may be confused at first thinking, “did I get signed up for something accidentally?” You may also be thinking “why would a company spend so much on sending me a sample product in a wooden box if I didn’t ask for it – it doesn’t make any sense?” But does it?

What has been communicated to you in this scenario, is that this company believes in its product. In fact, it believes you will love the sample so much, you will purchase one of the additional offerings presented in the magazine. If you don’t purchase something right away, the company still wins out. Let’s say they put the company logo on the wooden box. Chances are, you may keep the wooden box and use it for storing something else. Every time you look at the box you see the name of the company and you are reminded of how generous that company was. You are keeping them in your mind and maybe someday down the road you run into a need for one of these products. Who are you going to think about using? My guess is you will go to this company first and if they have designed their website experience anything like the opening of the box, you’re going to purchase from them.

This advertisement strategy could have been deployed in a much cheaper way. The company could have found your email address and sent you a nicely worded message. It could have found a list of websites to display an advertisement on with the right demographic. Social media ads could have also been used. That would have been the smart, cost effective, quick and easy thing to do. But you would also know it was smart, cost effective, quick and easy wouldn’t you?

The box is just one example, but you would look at this company and think a few things.

  • This company must really care about me.
  • This company knows this is going to pay off.
  • This company believes in it’s product.
  • This company is significant.

I’m sure there are more that this signals, but you get the point. Doing something that doesn’t make the most sense, sometimes has the most meaning.