Logo and Color Scheme

Logo and Color Scheme


Is your brand more than a nice looking logo and color scheme? It should be. If not, you’re missing out.

You’re missing out on a chance to align your company; coordinating efforts between departments, leaders and initiatives.

When everyone is pushing for the same outcome, that outcome is much more likely to happen. Employees share thoughts on how best to implement solutions. Leaders remove roadblocks to success. Projects support one another toward the ultimate goal.

What is that ultimate goal? Well, it depends on your brand. It is the guiding light in all things for your company. It is how you do the work and who you do it for.

More than just a nice looking logo and set of colors.

You may be unsure how to set this up. Luckily, all the steps are provided for you in the Brand Analysis Course. You’ll set up all of your Core Brand Traits to work together to amaze your customers, engage your employees and grow your business. Get the Brand Analysis Course today.