Inspire Confidence

Inspire Confidence


How do you inspire confidence? There are a myriad ways including, showing care, competence, genuineness and more. One way you may not expect is by doing something costly.

In the case of a business, what would you think if your employer surprisingly gave out a bonus? Hopefully a reason would be given like because last month’s profits were so good. If no explanation was given, you would assume it was due to your stellar performance or because the company is doing well. In either case confidence is inspired.

From the customer standpoint, expense also inspires confidence. When a customer is perusing products and notices that one product in particular is using higher quality materials, what happens? The customer immediately notices the higher degree of quality and logically moves to the assumption that nobody would put these materials into a bad product. Hence the product must be good and the company must believe in this product. Three points for confidence.

One of the most costly, and hence confidence inspiring, things we all can do is spend time. We only have so much of it and really don’t know how much. For that reason, when a brand does not rush through customer interactions, the customer feels a sense of care. And when customers feel cared for, they are confident in the job the brand is doing for them.

No matter who you are trying to inspire confidence in, performing a costly action will help. The effect will be amplified if you feel confidence yourself. Others will see it on your face and in your actions. Combining targeted costly actions and a self-assured aura will inspire confidence.