In or Out?

In or Out?


When you hear the word brand, do you think it relates to the external, customer facing side or the internal, process and employee focused side? Well in either case you would be right, but each is only half the picture. A brand is the core of a business. That core directs all actions of the company, both internal and external.

Internally, a brand defines how things are done. Is there a focus on quality, speed, passion or thoughtfulness? Those are just a few qualities that will have you tackling problems in very different ways. Speed may have you focused on the most important aspects of a product only. Whereas passion may have you looking for the ultimate thrill a product can provide. Neither is wrong, but they are very different and must be defined by the brand. If not, you’re company will pursue different directions. It’s hard enough to reach a goal when your company is aligned, so don’t make it harder by allowing competing priorities.

Externally, the brand defines how to interact with customers. Does patience take priority or providing a fun experience? That answer depends on your target customer and how they want to be served. Your brand will define these things. By knowing what your customers want from you, you’ll have the clarity to tailor the experience for them. With a unique, customized interaction customers will happily return.

Tied Together

When the brand is used as the core of your business, both the internal and external work together toward the vision of the company. Employees are creating the products and delighting the customers in a unique way that sets your business up for success. That success is much more realistic because the brand has differentiated your offering. It all starts with making the decision to place the brand at the core of the business. As the core, it will guide you toward your vision and ultimately success.