Top Services: Company1 & Company2

Do you Know Your Business’s Most Important Service?


Customers need to know what service you offer and fast. The average attention span is now 8 seconds long. If you don’t capture a potential customer’s attention in that time, they are gone.


Can you accurately and clearly define your most important services in less than 8 seconds? No worries if you can’t. It’s a task that comes only with practice.


One questions to start with is, “Do you know how each service reinforces your business’s purpose?” Aligning purpose with services brings out your passion and your customers will notice. But first you have to know what your top services are.


 Focusing on your top services allows your customer to quickly understand what you offer,

how you can solve their problem and the type of experience they will have.


Simply put, you are managing how customers experience your brand, which is all-important in our age of online reviews. Complaints originate from unmet expectations, so gaining control over this piece is crucial.


Wouldn’t you rather meet or even exceed expectations based on what you tell your customers before they buy? Of course!


Narrowing your focus allows you to concentrate on these core services and make them exceptional. It’s easy to talk about how well you will take care of a customer when you know your services are great. Once you have identified your most important services, begin to tailor all your communications around it, so both you and your customers will have clarity. Let’s look at what clarity will do for you and your customers.


Customer Perspective: Your customer wants a trusted source to solve their problem. And they want the experience to be easy to navigate and understand. This means the more focused you are, the faster your customer can identify you as the specialist to solve their problem.

Your Perspective: You have analyzed your core services and presented them clearly. You have done the work to ensure the customer experience from start to finish upholds your brand message. You have helped the customer in a time of need with your expertise.

The end result is your customer had expectations met because of well-defined services and brand message. Your customer is left with a feeling of satisfaction and will spread a positive word about your business.


Simple to state? Yes. We all know there is a lot of work involved with making this process seamless. But the first step on the path is finding focus around your top services, especially if you have added new services over the years.


Knowing your top services will help focus your message, which will attract your ideal clients, customers and buyers.