Connecting with Customer Emotions

Connecting with Customer Emotions


Comparing smart watches has stretched through the night. At last, the list was whittled down to two. An economical version and a luxury design. The main thought rolling through the shopper’s mind was “The lower priced watch has everything I need, so why do I want the more expensive option?”

Have you ever thought this yourself? I know I have. Our brains are not wired to only look at things logically. Our emotions are very strong and they can be appealed to through advertisements, design or language. It’s not all sinister to try and get your hard earned dollars though. Sometimes this is beneficial to the consumer.

Making the Connection

Let’s say you’re looking at two different products. Smart watches for instance. Both have the same level of quality and number of features. What’s the distinguishing factor? The appeal to your emotions. This is most effectively done through the brand of the company. The brand can show you they understand your problem intimately. Maybe it’s the fear of feeling inept with new technology. It could be as simple as wanting to look fashionable with a new watch. Whatever your fear is and the need to overcome the fear, the brand will let you know they understand your problem and through their product, they will help you overcome this fear. You’ll have confidence instead.

And you will have much more confidence with a brand that works to overcome your fears as a partner instead of another brand that talks only of features. Paying a few extra dollars for added confidence and a trusted partner is worth it to most buyers. Worth it, because when you understand you have a guide, you know mistakes can be prevented and the most success can be achieved.

When a brand succeeds at connecting with customer emotions, two amazing things happen.

  1. A customer turns into a lifelong fan.
  2. The brand becomes a more powerful force for serving people.

In order to connect with customers, find what problem they have. Develop a product to solve that problem. Then, let them know you understand the fear of that problem and how working together, it can be overcome.

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