Clarity Produces Growth

Clarity Produces Growth


“I don’t know what any of this means.” The woman thought as she looked over the branding materials. As a competent marketer, she knew companies had a tendency to make their brands overly complex, but this was ridiculous. The language was competing in places and there was just too much of it. How could any employee get a clear idea of what this business stood for, let alone a customer!

Covering all your bases with quantity, is not the way to an effective brand. Our marketing friend is trying to make sense of the message, but she’s not the only one. The front line associates don’t know the company standards for customer interaction, because the page long description is too wordy and doesn’t have specific examples. Without a clear guide, they make up their own way of taking care of customers with mixed results.

The customers are another matter. This brand feeds the marketing language and does nothing to help customers understand how their problems will be solved by the company. They are better off ignoring the marketing and just asking a service rep. However, what is more likely to happen when customers don’t understand the message is move on to a competitor they do understand.

Don’t Waste It

If the brand, does not guide the marketing in this scenario, there is a better chance at clarity. However, that would be missing the point of the brand. The brand is what the company stands for and how to go about achieving success. That should be easy to understand and put into actionable steps for both employees and customers. But it’s far too common that the brand is left to the wayside. Finalized during the start of the business and never to be touched again. It’s a waste of a huge opportunity.

A vibrant, concise and clear brand can do wonders for all aspects of the business. It provides clarity for employees by letting them know why they are an important part of the organization and how to reach success. Customers will know exactly what the business does and how it will solve a problem for them. When these two things alone happen, growth is inevitable – clarity produces growth.

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