You might expect a brand consultant to cost thousands of dollars.

Now you can get the same benefits in one affordable package in the Brand Analysis Course.

Focus your brand efforts.

Improve the customer experience.

Grow your business.

What you’ll learn in the course:

Top Services Tools

Top Services

Do you know your business’s most important services? If not, your customers won’t know what you do best. Let’s point them in the right direction.

Target Customer Tools

Target Customer

Knowing your target audience can be a tricky thing to accomplish. Make it easy with this free worksheet. You’ll be surprised how helpful this knowledge is.

Touchpoints Tools


Can you list all the ways your customers interact with your business? There may be more than you think and maintaining a consistent message across them can be a challenge.

Brand Personality Tool

Brand Personality

Your customers have formed a relationship with your business based on its personality. Do you know what it is? Fill out this free worksheet to discover your business’s personality.

Business Purpose Tools

Business Purpose

What is the purpose of your business? If you are unable to answer quickly, don’t worry. We’ll help you bring more meaning to your daily work and your customers will notice.