Blockbuster Product or Brand as Guide?

Blockbuster Product or Brand as Guide?


Office-Man looked around at the uncertain faces. He wasn’t so sure about the new direction himself. For 20 years the company had a blockbuster product that defined the company. Now the executive team was rolling out a new brand and it was supposed to lead a new direction. How could they shift focus at a time with so much uncertainty? Why distance yourself from a product that accounted for the majority of your business?

What Office-Man is thinking is reasonable. Why indeed shift away from a product that is so profitable? What the executive team realizes is that change must come in order to survive the long haul. The staple product won’t last another 20 years.  This is why a method to guide what products will serve customers best is needed now.

That guide is the brand of course. This isn’t just a high level platitude of mission and vision statements, although those are important. The brand as guide gets very specific with what you do and how you do it. It clearly outlines how the company will be successful and where responsibilities lie. The reason the brand is more successful than a product at guiding the company is people.

The People’s Brand

When we all must ultimately pivot, our people are our most important resource to help us achieve success. No executive can turn the direction of the company alone. Nor can all of upper management achieve it. If you don’t get the organization on board, then you won’t have success with any direction you take. Subtle or overt resistance will become the hidden culture of your business.

There is a solution for you though. Find the right leaders all throughout the organization and get them on board first. Explain why the new direction must be taken and how it benefits everyone. Answer all their questions and get their feedback. Once they thoroughly understand the new direction, use them as brand ambassadors. Assign them with the responsibility to bring people along with them and slowly, but surely the company will be on board.

A culture that is aligned to a common purpose is a powerful thing. This is why a product can never be the guiding light. The brand must serve as this guide because many different products can achieve what the brand stands for. It’s fluid enough to allow for new ideas, but unyielding on what the ultimate outcome must be. Customer success.

Align your organization with your brand now, through the Brand Analysis Course.